1. Duration of the use of the Hall is Half Day (4 Hours)For extra hours occupied additional amount will be collected.
  2. The Charges prescribed for the use of the Hall should be paid in full in advance at the time of booking.
  3. The Charges as prescribed is applicable only for the use of hall and not for any other facilities like use of projector etc.
  4. The Cafeteria should be maintained as clean and vegetarian food is only allowed. Cooking or boiling at the cafeteria portion are not allowed.
  5. The Amount of Rs: 10,000/- (Rupees Ten Thousand only) should be paid as caution deposit at the time of booking the hall which is refundable after the function is over, after deducting any amount due to TRUST.
  6. The applicant shall take care of his/their articles, baggages etc., and those of his/their invitees. The Trust is not liable for any loss/theft or damage or anything missing from them.
  7. Consumption of Alcohol and Smoking in the Hall premises are strictly prohibited.
  8. The applicant shall ensure orderly parking of vehicles at the parking place.
  9. The Trust reserves its right of inspection of the Hall at any time through its authorized representatives.
  10. Only Banner will be allowed in the entrance of the Hall. No posters should be posted inside the Hall and in the campus and on the compound wall.
  11. Applicable Service Tax will be extra on the gross amount and at present service Tax is @ 12.36%.
  12. If the programme is cancelled the charges will not be refunded at any circumstance.
  13. The Trust also reserves its rights to proceed against the applicant to recover any amount due from the applicant towards damages/loss of Assets of the Trust, if the recoveries exceed the amount of Deposit made by him/her in this regard.
  14. Use of Pan/Beeda are strictly prohibited.
  15. Usage of plastic items are prohibited.
  16. Eatable items are not permitted inside the Hall.